Top 10 Asian Cuisine Styles and Where They are From

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Cooking Asian cuisine for the first time can be very daunting because there is often a lot of frying and pan cooking involved. The best way to have a delicious meal in no time at all is to make use of online recipes that are easy to find. Know what type of food you are looking to cook and then be sure to search online for a good quality recipe that tells you how to make that particular dish. By looking online, you will be Read more

Great Gadgets for Preparing Asian Cuisine

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Gadgets for Asian cuisine have been around for millennia. Fortunately, many of them are perfectly adaptable for use in a modern, western kitchen. Though they originally were used over fires or hot coals, many can also be electrified. Check out Reliant Energy: Texas to save money on electricity you use to power your Asian appliances and cookware!

Here are a few gadgets used for Asian cuisine:

The round bottom of this cooking pot was made for the traditional Chinese stove. As such, it can be used for just about every mode of cooking, including deep frying, boiling, steaming, soups and of course stir frying. Woks come with long-handled spatulas called chahn, ladles called hoak and sometimes with a strainer and a bamboo brush to clean it out.

This is called an hibachi in the United States. It’s a little stove or grill that’s heated by a charcoal fire or a hot plate. They’re used to grill vegetables, fish and other meats. Traditional hibachis can often be quite beautiful and made out of porcelain with decorations in gold leaf. They’re used more for heating than cooking.

Hot Pot
In this Asian dish a broth, sometimes made out of kombu, a type of seaweed, is simmered in a pot over a charcoal fire. Raw ingredients are dipped briefly into it by chopsticks and swished around until they’re done. The Japanese name for this is shabu shabu, which actually means “swish swish.” The raw ingredients can be just about anything. They can be thin slices of meet, tofu, vegetables, sea food and various types of noodles. Hot pot is great for parties or for family meals especially on chilly evenings.

Bamboo Steamer
These round steamers, called Mushiki, can be put over simmering water in a wok and stacked on top of each other. This lets them steam a lot of food at the same time.

Rice Cookers
These electric devices take the guess-work out of making rice. All the cook has to do is follow the instructions, close the lid, turn the rice cooker on and the rice, whether brown or white, long grain, short grain or medium grain, comes out perfect every time.

While it’s true that these utensils require a bit of a learning curve, they’re surprisingly useful around an Asian kitchen. They’re not just used to eat but to stir foods and help slice vegetables. They can also come in many materials including jade, bone, ivory and porcelain. Most people are familiar with chopsticks made out of bamboo or wood.

Asian Cuisine – All Natural Secrets to Tender Meats

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If you ask around, or check online, you may find many suggestions for how to tenderize meats. Many people realize that meat found in Asian Cuisine seems tender almost all of the time. So the question arises, “How do Asian chefs tenderize the meat for Asian recipes.

Many modern chefs still use mechanical means for pounding meat until it is tender. After all a chef has an assistant to do that heavy work. Other chefs will utilize commercial meat tenderizers. They rarely give thought to what ingredients are in the tenderizer that they use.

Amazingly, the Read more

Find an Asian Farmers Market for Exotic Ingredients

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Do you really want to make something completely new, original and exciting the next time you cook for yourself? You could try to make some special Asian food. By special, it is meant that you should procure ingredients at an Asian farmer’s market. You probably won’t find many of the ingredients at the farmer’s market in any stores but they are available in abundance at popular market.

Exotic ingredients does not mean anything weird or off Read more

Top 10 Asian Sauces for Best Results

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While Asian cuisine is not as sauce based as some other cuisine types, sauces are used in some dishes and condiments as a way of accentuating the natural flavors of these dishes. This article will discuss ten of the Asian style sauces that are commonly used to improve the flavor of foods.

One common sauce that is associated with Asian foods is soy sauce which is derived from fermented soy beans and has a sharp flavor. It is commonly Read more

How To Make Your Asian Recipes Better

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If you have been cooking Asian food but are unhappy with the results, there are a number of ways to improve the quality of the meals that you are preparing. For starters, begin by viewing different recipes before you start cooking and search for authentic recipes. Many Asian recipes are really Americanized meals that are not based in the deep and rich tradition of Chinese cuisine. While you may prefer Americanized Chinese food, sometimes by examining an authentic recipe you can obtain ideas regarding how to improve the dish. Read more

Why Buy Authentic Asian Ingredients from an Asian Market

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Cooking Asian food can be rewarding and provide a spice and variety to your diet which would be difficult to obtain elsewhere. While you can visit an Asian restaurant, many of the food items at these restaurants re not authentic and are often loaded with sodium and excessive amounts of grease and fat. By cooking yourself you can obtain the food dishes that you choose to cook at the spice and flavor level which you prefer and also allow you to obtain an overall healthier meal.

But where can you obtain Read more

10 Essential Ingredients for Asian Cuisine at Home

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Asian cuisine is always one of the most popular ethnic choices when dining out. But many families are discovering just how easy and affordable it is to cook Asian cuisine at home. It’s important to keep 10 essential ingredients on hand in your kitchen pantry to be ready to create many favorite Asian dishes right in your own home.

(1) Soy sauce is an all-purpose liquid seasoning made from soybeans and then aged that is used to flavor many Read more